Kindness at Restaurants

Thank you to everyone who has sent me messages of the random acts of kindness they have been doing the past few days, I love hearing the stories.

Monday, November 13th is World Kindness Day and is a day to be extra kind to people, animals and the environment.

Leading up to World Kindness Day I am going to share some ideas of different ways to be kind throughout the community.

Kindness at Restaurants:Kindness at Restaurants | Kindness Place
• Leave money taped to a menu in a restaurant with a note
• Hold open the door for someone
• Pay for someone’s meal or dessert
• Compliment the cook or server
• Ask for the manager and let them know you had great service at the restaurant
• Leave a big tip
• Throw away paper towels left behind on the restroom floor
• Give up your reservation to someone else when at a busy restaurant
• Give away your parking space
• Leave coins in a toy or candy machine
• Tape some money and a note on the inside cover of the daily newspaper or magazine