Kindness at Gas Stations

Monday, November 13th is World Kindness Day which is my favourite day of the year. It’s a day to be extra kind to people, animals and the environment.

Leading up to World Kindness Day I am going to share some ideas of different ways to be kind throughout the community.

Kindness at Gas Stations:

Kindness at Gas Stations

• Leave money or gas gift card taped to the Gas the Pump for the next person
• Leave coins at the carwash or vacuum
• Offer to pump someone’s gas that looks like they could use the assistance
• Wash someone’s windows
• If the gas station is busy give up your spot to someone else
• Leave an unscratched lottery ticket for someone in the lottery area of the store
• Buy a coffee, soda or snack for someone in line behind you
• Throw away paper towels left behind on the restroom floor
• Throw away garbage you see outside near the gas pumps
• Smile or say hi to someone
• Give up your place in line for another person